3rd International Workshop on Applications of Software Agents

The list of accepted papers

  • Mobile Agents for the Internet of Things
    Laura Järvenpää, Markku Lintinen, Anna-Liisa Mattila, Tommi Mikkonen, Kari Systä,
    Jari-Pekka Voutilainen
  • GPU acceleration for the web browser based evolutionary computing system
    Jerzy Duda, Wojciech Dłubacz
  • Rule-Based Approach to Human-Like Decision Simulating in Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation
    Barbara Baster, Jerzy Duda, Andrzej Macioł, Bogdan Rębiasz
  • The Development of an Agent-based Virtual Enterprise for Civil Engineering – A Preliminary Report
    Mihaela Oprea
  • Multi-Agent System Simulation of Nano-Robotic Drug Delivery in Tumours of Body Tissues
    Marina Ntika, Petros Kefalas, Ioanna Stamatopoulou
  • A Comparison of the Island and ACODA Approaches for Distributing ACO
    Sorin Ilie, Costin Bădică
  • An agent-based simulator for the evaluation of the measurement of effectiveness in the military naval tasks
    Davide Anghinolfi, Alberto Capogrosso, Massimo Paolucci, Francesco Perra
  • Jason agents in Java EE environments
    Dejan Mitrović, Mirjana Ivanović, Costin Bădică
  • Toward a Real-Time Heterogeneous Mobile Robotic Swarm: Robot Platform and Agent Architecture
    Dan M, Novischi, Adina M, Florea
  • An Approach to Evaluate the Performance of a User Affective Agent
    Mihaela-Alexandra Puică
  • AgentPlanner – agent-based timetabling system – preliminary design and evaluation
    Rafał Tkaczyk, Maria Ganzha, Marcin Paprzycki
  • From GMoDS Models to Object-Oriented Specifications in Event-B
    Marius Brezovan, Liana Stanescu, Eugen Ganea
  • Handling data heterogeneity in Internet of Things
    Bogdan Manate, Victor Munteanu
  • Multi-Agent System for Brokering of Logistics Services - Preliminary Analysis
    Lucian Luncean, Costin Bădică
  • Travel Support System
    Maria Ganzha, Mariusz Marek Mesjasz, Marcin Paprzycki