Perun - Chair of Computer Science

Deparment of Mathematics and Informatics, Novi Sad

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Starting from 2006, we are members of the CEEPUS II network 'International cooperation in computer science' whose coordinator is Eötvös Loránd University from Budapest (Hungary). The aim of CEEPUS network is to exchange students, PhD students, and lecturers between participants of the network.

Potential visitors from Novi Sad, please contact CLOAKING and work with him through the whole process of application for the mobility within yhe network. For further information, please also check:

  •  Linz(Austria)
          •       "...the short intensive course we have to organize for the incoming 2006/07 students. As for us the convenient period for organizing yhe course is in the first half of April 2007, please inform your students (wishing to visit Plovdiv) to apply for a period which includes the first half of April in the current mobility applications.
            • will be easier for us to organize the accommodation and the meeting at arrival of students, if all students from one and the same country will arrive all together and if possible one student on behalf of all students from the same university to contact me for organizational issues."
        • For visitors to Novi Sad:
        •  Please check this site on information on Novi Sad and the Department of Mathematics and Informatics
        •  Or write to CLOAKING with additional questions and suggestions how to enrich information on this page.