Perun - Chair of Computer Science

Deparment of Mathematics and Informatics, Novi Sad

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Student practice

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This page contains (some of) possibilities to perform/execute/implement the course 'Student practice'. For other possibilities, please be in contact with Miloš Racković and Zoran Budimac. Check also discussion at the students' forum.


The Novi Sad branch of "Levi9" offers a limited number of places to students for student practice. If you are interested in student practice or in employment in "Levi9", please fill-in the resume using this template and a short explanation . Please send the resume to CLOAKING with clear indication on the purpose of the resume: either 'practice' or 'employment'. Please direct other questions regarding practice or employment in "Levi9" to CLOAKING .


"Datenknecht" Gmbh, Frankfurt/Main, Germany, offers for the student practice or for other practical work within the curriculum, incl. diploma theses, the following assignment: 
- creation and administration of a company homepage by using some of teh content management systems.
The work would be organized at the Department (of Mathematics and Informatics), Novi Sad, under supervision of assigned professor(s) and with close contact to "Datenknecht".