Transportation in Novi Sad

Public transportation

Novi Sad has a well linked network of city buses.

Timetable for the city buses.

Taxi companies

If you arive at the main train/bus station, avoid taxis that are parked immediately in front of the train station building - they are unreasonably expensive! Go to the parking space to the left of the main entrance and hire one of the taxis there.

List of taxi companies and taxi stations.


List of rent-a-car companies.


Novi Sad

Open Street map (centered on the Campus) has a very detailed map of most parts of Novi Sad and it's surroundings.

Plan Plus - Interactive web map for whole Serbia. Include detailed street maps for most of the larger cities, and for many of the smaller ones too.

Google Maps centered on Novi Sad

Satellite map of Novi Sad with route calculation unfortunetly only in Serbian, and for Internet Explorer only.

University Campus

Map of the Campus with marked buildings

360 tours

A number of 360 pictures of Novi Sad can be found on the newdigitalvision site. A good starting point could be the node next to the Faculty of Sciences to explore the University campus, or the Freedom square node to explore the city centre. Here is a map of all the locations with 360 photos.