During and after the conference

Some impressions about the ADBIS 2010 conference are best expressed by participants themselves:

"I like to thank you and your team once again for the successful ADBIS 2010 conference and for your hospitality. You have been perfect hosts and good ambassadors for Serbia and the University of Novi Sad in particular."
"Once again my congratulations on success of ADBIS. The conference exceeded my expectations very significantly and everything was really enjoyable."

Conference proceedings: Springer proceedings and Local proceedings.

Translated press clippings from local media can be found here.

Also, as one picture is worth more than thousand words, a picture gallery containing many is available on our site following this link.

The complete list of all conference participants is available for download.

The conference poster is available for download in two paper sizes: A1 and A2.

Opening talk is available in pdf.

Closing talk is available in pdf.

Presentation about Serbia is available in pdf.