The venue of the conference will be in town of Novi Sad, capital of Vojvodina province and a large industrial and cultural centre. For much more details about Novi Sad, city map, accommodation, etc. please visit this website.

Novi Sad is a city located in northern Serbia; it lies on the banks of the Danube river in the province of Vojvodina. Novi Sad is located on the water route Rhine – Main – Danube which connects nine countries and six capitals. It is also on the main route from the central Europe (through Hungary) to south-eastern Europe (Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey). Novi Sad lies 300 km south of Budapest (Hungary), 70 km north of Belgrade, 360 km east of Zagreb (Croatia) and 160 km west of Timisoara (Romania).

Its name means "New Planting" (noun) in Serbian and is also known as Neoplanta (in Latin), Neusatz (in German), and Uj Videk (in Hungarian).

The population of Novi Sad is about 300.000 citizens. Serbian language is spoken by majority of citizens. However, Hungarian, Slovakian, Rumanian and Ruthanian languages are also widely spoken and officially used according to the law and decision of the town's assembly.

Lectures and sessions will take place at Department of Mathematics and Informatics , Faculty of Sciences , University of Novi Sad.