Workshop on TEL - Technology Enhanced Learning

Topics of WoTEL 2019

The workshop welcomes papers addressing research and experience reports on various applications of TEL. Papers describing finalized research, as well as work-in-progress, are welcome. The topics of the workshop cover, broadly understood, TEL connected to applications and experiences in areas like:
  • Key issues: effective strategies, learning models/theories
  • ICT deployment in education: policy, integration, extensibility, interoperability
  • Pedagogical theories/models, constructivist approaches
  • Serious games - Games based learning
  • Web 2.0, semantic web
  • Collaborative/context aware/personalised approaches
  • Communities of learners
  • Adaptive/personalised hypermedia, metadata/content standards
  • Free/open source software, ubiquitous/pervasive/grid technologies
  • Intelligent agents, learning management systems, emerging technologies
  • Mobile learning
  • Practices in different educational/learning contexts
  • Surveys of TEL adoption in education
  • Tools/emerging technologies, new generation TEL
  • Challenges, future of TEL, roadmaps for the future
  • The role of formal, e.g. university, education of programming vs. informal, e.g. community driven
  • Teaching for the present "cloud age" — what must be done to educate (not only) IT professionals for the cloud-native era?
  • IT-related professional roles: do we know whom we educate?
  • Educational Programming Environments
  • Computational Thinking
  • Location-based Serious Games
(the list is not exhaustive).