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Workshop presentations
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Sinaia, Romania, August 25-29, 2014

Mitrović, D., Ivanović, M., Radovanović, M., The importance of practical assignments in teaching advanced Java topics - a 4-year experience

Bansko, Bulgaria, August 26-31, 2013

Filipović, V., Using JavaFX in the First OO Programming Course

Madevska Bogdanova, A., Experience with Two OOP Languages in One Course

Mitrović, D., Ivanović, M., Budimac, Z., Jerinić, Lj., Teaching Java with the Assistance of Harvester and Pedagogical Agents

Kartelj, A., Human-Computer Interaction and Java

Opatija, Croatia, September 2-7, 2012

Mitrović, D., Mašulović, D., Teaching Computer Graphics with Java

Jurca, I., An analysis of exam results in the Object-oriented Programming course at "Politehnica" University of TImisoara

Ohrid, Macedonia, August 21-28, 2011

Trifunov, T. N., Mitrović, D., Ivanović, M., Java network programming - advanced teaching material (see the archive page)

Ivanović, M., Budimac, Z., Mišev, A., Bothe, K., Java across Different Curricula, Courses and Countries Using a Common Pool of Teaching Material
Tošić, D., Introduction into component programming based on Java beans
Kartelj, A., Java GUI building approaches
Radivojević, Z., Teaching the simulator design in Java
Ivanović, M., Mitrović, D., Radovanović, M., Elective course OOP II: creation, experiences, students' opinion
Jakimovski, B., Exercises for advanced Java topics

Ivanjica, Serbia, September 6-11, 2010

Jurca, I., Three small projects for an „Advanced Programming in Java” course
Ritzschke, M., Assignments in 1st semester course „OOP with Java“ as small projects
Ivanović, M., Pitner, T., Influences of Technology Enhanced Learning in Teaching and Assessing Java Programming - Serbian and Czech Experiences
Kartelj, A., MVC patterns in Java web programming
Tošić, D., Presentation of some student's projects related to course of Object oriented programming (source)
Mitrović, D., Ivanović, M., New topic for Java course: Introduction to 3D graphics programming with JOGL
Madevska Bogdanova, A., Design Patterns in the course ‘OOP in Java’ - first experiences

Neum, Bosnia and Herzegovina, August 30 - September 6, 2009

Pešović, D., Shared Collection of Java Course Materials: New Topics Covered
Madevska Bogdanova, A., On Object Oriented modeling in Java (Why & How)
Ajanovski, V., Java Internet Programming, Servlets, JSP (see the archive page)
Ajanovski, V., Enterprise JavaBeans (see the archive page)

Durres, Albania, September 8-13, 2008

Ivanović, M., Bothe, K., Historical Overview of OOP Subproject: From the Beginning to the End
Pešović, D., Ivanović, M., Mišev, A., Java across Different Curricula and Courses
Stoyanov, S., Doychev, E., Java Course Adaptation from Humboldt University
Jakimovski, B., Advanced Strings in Java (see the archive page)
Mišev, A., Jakimovski, B., Java Security (see the archive page)
Ajanovski, V., Kon-Popovska, M., Database programming in Java with JDBC

Risan, Montenegro, September 9-14, 2007

Pešović, D., Ivanović, M., Komlenov, Ž., New Java course material and availablepool of .ppt presentations (sample)
Tošić, D., Student's Java-projects related to the course of Object oriented programming
Mišev, A., Framework for plagiarism detection in Java code (application, docs)
Jakimovski, B., Client/server programming in Java

Ravda (Nessebar), Bulgaria, September 18-23, 2006

Ivanović, M., Bothe, K., OOJava course materials - developments during the last year 
Bothe, K., Ivanović, M., Evolution of the "Mouse in the maze" case study
Schuetzler, K., Presentation of the topic "Threads" (see the archive page)
Ivanović, M., Jurca, I.,  Bothe, K., Experiments with the course on "Threads" (supporting document)
Vasić, M., Unified teaching material on threads (see the archive page)
Jurca, I., New experience with teaching Java
Mišev, A., Course "Data Structures and Algorithms - using Java"
Jakimovski, B., Lab work of the course "Data Structures and Algorithms - using Java"
Porobić, D., Vasić, M., A topic on "Introduction to UML" (see the archive page)
Mišev, A., A topic on "Algorithmic patterns"
Tošić, D., Java case studies - game playing (source)

Baile-Herculane, Romania, August 27 - September 4, 2005

Jurca, I., Ivanović, M., Bothe, K., OOP in Java - Requirements Specification
Ivanović, M., Ibrajter, N., Overview of collected Java teaching materials
Bothe, K., Prerequisites of 1st semester students at Humboldt University
Jakimovski, B., Jeliot - a powerful Java tutor for beginners
Joachim, S., Adaptability of Learning Objects
Sacklowski, U., A style checker for Java and its application at Humboldt University (AssessStyle tool)
Tošić, D., Java case studies - Playing games (source)

Zagreb, Croatia, September 6-11, 2004

Ivanović, M., Bothe, K., On the (un)suitability of Java to be the first programming language
Ivanović, M., Jurca, I., Bothe, K., On the course architecture and course homepage
Komlenov, Ž., Existing programming teaching material
Ibrajter, N., The Sun's Java certification and its possible role in the joint teaching material
Mišev, A., Review of Sun academic initiative
Jakimovski, B., Mišev, A., Programming tutoring systems evaluation
Bothe, K., A simple software development process - mouse in the maze

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