Here we list some of the potentially interesting places to spend time in the evening, but the list is far from exclusive.


There are several cinemas in Novi Sad. Most movies are played with the original audio tracks and subtitles in Serbian. Rare dubbed exceptions are usually movies for little children.

Arean cineplex

Reopened in 2010, this cinema features 6 screens with various numbers of seats, including options for 3D projections. The site is unfortunately only in Serbian, but it should be easy to find movie titles (the original titles are always given) and start times.

Address: Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 3
Telephone: (021) 447 690
E-mail: office (at)

Cinestar 4DX

Opened in 2016, it has 10 screens with various numbers of seats. It is a bit away from the city centre, but it is part of a shopping mall, and there are busses to it.

BIG CEE Novi Sad, Sentandrejski put br. 11, 21 000 Novi Sad

Culture center cinema

Address: Catholic porte (Katolička porta) 5 (downtown)
Telephone: 021/528-346
E-mail: kcns@eunet.yu

Art cinema "Vojvodina"

Located in the sport buisness center SPENS


Serbian Nationally Theatre - Srpsko Narodno Pozorište SNP

opera, drama and ballet.

Address: Theatre square (Pozorišni trg) 1
Telephone: 021/520-091

Theatre of young artists

Address: Ignjata Pavlasa street 8
Telephone: 021/521-826


Address: Jovana Subotića street 3-5
Telephone: 021/66-22-592

Clubs and concerts

Various concert announcements on the Facebook page of the musical youth of Novi Sad.

Novi Sad at night (in Serbian, almost exclusively)

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