The City of Novi Sad

Novi Sad is Serbia's second largest city, after Belgrade. According to the data from March 2010, the city had an urban population of 285,620, while its municipal population was 372,347.

On the other bank of the Danube river dominates the Petrovaradin Fortress


Vojvodina is an autonomous province in the Republic of Serbia. It is located in the northern part of the country, in the Pannonian Plain of Central Europe, with an area of 21,506 km2.

Vojvodina prides itself on its multi-ethnicity and multi-cultural identity.

Novi Sad, the capitol of Vojvodina, is placed near the geographical center of the province.

Deliblato Sand

Deliblatska Peščara (Делиблатска Пешчара) or Deliblato Sand is a large sand area named after the village of Deliblato, which is situated in the municipality of Kovin.

Deliblatska Peščara is the largest sandy terrain in Europe and therefore sometimes called "The European Sahara". It was once part of a vast prehistoric desert, which originated from the withdrawal of the Pannonian Sea.

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