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Aleksandar "Saša" Popović Award For Best Student Paper - 2022

The workshop with the presentations of candidate papers was held on 25.11.2022.

Papers and presentations


The winners were declared at the award ceremony, held on the 20.12.2022.

Authors Paper Title
1. Andrea Mihajlović Multi-class boosting with adversarial multi-arm bandits on incomplete views
2. Dušan Stamenković Choosing the Best of Both Worlds: Diverse and Novel Recommendations through Multi-Objective Reinforcement Learning
3. Dušica Knežević, Jela Babić Evaluation of LID-Aware Graph Embedding Methods for Node Clustering

Other participants were given consolation prizes.

Presentations at the workshop

Award Ceremony

Third place winners
Third place winners

First place winner
First place winner

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