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III year of computer science students. Aleksandar is second from the right, lying on the grass. Most of these students went abroad later.

Natasa Ibrajter (later became a teaching assistant at the Department), Aleksandar, and Lidija Litricin (later went to Canada). Then, they were students of the III year of computer science study.

This was the reason why Aleksandar could not graduate in June :-), so he did it in September. Thassos, 1997.

From right to the left: Mihal Badjonski (later went to Germany), Aleksandar, and Daniel Sendula (later went to England). Then on the first birthday party of Tara Budimac.

The group of students from Novi Sad in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

All three bridges in Novi Sad were destroyed in 1999, during NATO bombardment of Yugoslavia. Aleksandar loved (as all people from Novi Sad) all three of them.

One of the last Aleksandar's pictures. Spring, 1999, somewhere in Vojvodina, during NATO bombardment.

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