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Aleksandar's death (and consequently the life) did draw significant attention of domestic and international media. Here is the short list of articles and books were Aleksandar is mentioned. Except for the first reference, all other references are a consequence of tragic events that took place in Yugoslavia in 1999 and a tragic death of Aleksandar Sasa Popovic.

Almost all of these articles contain inaccuracies, sometimes they are politically biased, but generally they paint a realistic picture of Aleksandar Popovic.

Author and title Title page Scanned text
Marlowe, L., Grief-stricken family of Serbian soldier killed by KLA want no vengeance, The Irish Times, June 21, 1999, p. 13.
Fisk, R., The cost of war, 1999.
Taylor, S., “Inat” - Images of Serbia & Kosovo conflict, Esprit de corps books, ISBN 1-8958996-10-X, 2000.
Taylor, S., “Inat” - Images of Serbia & Kosovo conflict, Srbika, 2001, Serbian translation of the book above.
Heroes of the free sky, Headquarters of air force and anti-aircraft defense, 2000, in Serbian.
Heroes of the homeland, Federal government of Yugoslavia, 2000, in Serbian.
Stevancev, V., The fatal ninth hour, Ilustrovana Politika no. 2143, February 12, 2000, p. 13-14, in Serbian.
Cekic, V. Eternal memento and gift for a future, Dnevnik, January 3, 2003, in Serbian. Link
Milica Trifunov, NS Reporter 139, 2014 PDF
Dnevnik, 2021, o studentskim nagradama PDF
Dnevnik, 2022, Osnivanje i treće nagrade Aleksandar Saša Popović
Pokrajniski sekretarijat za visoko obrazovanje, 2022, povodom dana rodne ravnopravnosti, prijem za dr Mirjanu Ivanović 2022-apv-dan-rodne-ravnopravnosti.pdf
RTV, prilog o prijemnu povodom dana rodne ravnopravnosti Youtube Video
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