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-{{ :arvi:panorama.jpg?nolink |}} 
-====== Finalisation of Deliverables on foundations and competition aspects ====== 
-- Core Group Meeting, Working Group Meeting - \\ 
-- Dates: from 2018-06-18 09:00:00 to 2018-06-19 17:00:00 
-===== Location ===== 
-The meeting will be held in Novi Sad (northern Serbia) at the Dept. of Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad; address: Trg Dositeja Obradovica 4. 
-{{ :arvi:location.png?nolink |}} 
-The Department is located in the University campus that is on an easy walking distance from the city center (about 1km). If you decide to take the taxi, use the phrase: 'PMF, kod stubicha' which means 'Faculty of Sciences near the little columns' It will leave you about 20 meters from the building entrance. The taxi should not cost more than 3 EUR (around 350 dinars).   
-===== Accommodation ===== 
-Please find accommodation on your own. You can find some ideas on [[|our site on Novi Sad]]. 
-===== Transport ===== 
-The closest airports to Novi Sad are: \\ 
-  * Belgrade (BEG, Serbia), 70 km away (south)  \\ 
-  * Budapest (BUD, Hingary), 250 km away (north) \\ 
-  * Nis (INI, Serbia), 300 km away (south) \\ 
-  * Timisoara (TSR, Romania), 150 km away (east) \\ 
-  * Osijek (OSI, Croatia) 110 km away (west) \\ 
-(the first three are connected to Novi Sad with highways). 
-You can preorder transfer from the airport(s) to Novi Sad or your accommodation (for a fixed price), on several sites. For example: 
-  * [[|Autoturist]] (for BEG, BUD, and TSR) \\ 
-  * [[|Terra Travel]] (for BUD) \\ 
-  * [[|Transfer Airport Niš]] (for INI) \\ 
-According to our experience, this kind of transfer is also refundable by COST. Vehicles used for transportation are not taxis, but buses which are specialized for certain time and destination. 
-If you need some help in organizing your transfers, please let us know. For other 
-ways to come to Novi Sad, please check the following [[|website]]. 
-===== About Novi Sad ===== 
-For more information about Novi Sad (maps, events, accommodation, cuisine...), please visit [[|this page]]. 
-===== Questionnaire on meals  ===== 
-Please provide us with information about the meals that we can arrange for you on the following [[|link]]. We are looking forward to seeing you in Novi Sad! 
-All your information regarding the meals will be handled by Natasa Sukur and Tijana Vislavski. If there are any further questions regarding this questionnaire and food in general, do not hesitate to contact us.  
-===== Agenda ====== 
-To be announced. 
-===== Contact ===== 
-This event is organized by  
-  * Zoran Budimac 
-  * Gordana Rakic 
-  * Tijana Vislavski and 
-  * Natasa Sukur, 
-members of Software Quality Laboratory (SQLab). 
-For all questions and additional information, please contact us via email: <> and <>. 
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