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-Welcome to the official website of the Chair of Computer Science. This Chair is one of ten chairs of the [[|Department of Mathematics and Informatics]] (Novi Sad, Serbia) and one of [[|three chairs dealing with computing]] at the Department. 
-{{ ::csd.jpg?nolink&200 |CSD Building}} 
-//Serbian:// [[pripremna_nastava|Priprema za visokoškolsku nastavu informatike (CS0)]] 
-[[Members]] of the Chair teach mostly core courses in informatics: Introduction to programming, Programming languages, Data structures and algorithms, Operating systems, Compiler construction, Software engineering,... see [[teaching]] page for details. 
-Members are also related with common research interests: stationary (intelligent) agents, mobile agents, workflow management systems, case-based reasoning systems, e-learning, ... see [[projects]] page for details. 
-===== Events ===== 
-These are some of the events that are (or were) organized (partially or fully) by the Chair of Computer Science. 
-  * [[|SQAMIA 2019]] - 8th Workshop on Software Quality Analysis, Monitoring, Improvement, and Applications, Ohrid, North Macedonia   
-  * [[|SCLIT 2018]] 8th Symposium on Computer Languages, Implementations and Tools 13 – 18 September 2018, Rhodes, Greece 
-  * [[|WIMS 2018]] - 8th International Conference on Web Intelligence, Mining and Semantics 
-  *  [[|WASA 2017]] - Workshop on Applications of Software Agents Novi Sad, Serbia 
-  * [[|IDC 2017]] ([[|Alternate link]]) 11th International Symposium on Intelligent Distributed Computing 11 - 13 October 2017, Belgrade, Serbia  
-  * [[|BCI 2012]] 5th Balkan Conference in Informatics, Novi Sad, Serbia 
-[[events|More events]]. 
-===== Journals ===== 
-[[|ComSIS Journal]] 
-Computer Science and Information Systems  
-===== Other links ===== 
-network for exchange of teachers and students of computer science 
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