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Zoran Putnik has been involved in research for some 15 years now. Throughout that time, his interests changed couple of times.

  • Zoran started with research in the field of CAE (Computer Assisted Education) and CAL (Computer Assisted Learning). That interest remained till nowadays, slightly wondering around and working with elements of DE (Distance Education). His PhD thesis is connected with the “methods of teaching computer science”.
  • Since the beginning there was also a significant interest in Computer Graphics. Usually it was connected with some other fields - functional programming, fractals, web-graphics, or user-interface design.
  • As mentioned “other” and “unorthodox” programming paradigms, especially functional programming were his interests. Not particularly nowadays, but who knows what the future brings!
  • As most of the “old-enough” programmers, finished with their hacking period, Zoran is interested and publishes papers discussing matters of Software Engineering, Software Project Management, and quality programming habits in particular.
  • For last couple of years, with the increasing interest in WWW and Internet, Zoran started doing his share of research in the field of Mobile Agents and Workflow Technology.

  Zoran Putnik has published around 130 articles in proceedings of international conferences and journals, and written several university textbooks. He participated within 17 international and national projects, was a member of organizing committees of 17 conferences, and is a Managing Editor of Computer Science and Information Systems (ComSIS) Journal. He also published 1 master thesis and recently 1 doctoral thesis.

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